One decade. One mission.

Systems for science and sustainability, to aid our fight for the future.

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Analytics and Data Management

We specialize in architecting geospatial data science solutions at any scale.

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Climate Solutions

Click below to read about our upcoming SaaS platform employing quantum optimization for climate solution deployment. We are also actively engaged in carbon dioxide removal R&D to provide near-term solutions for this new platform.

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Open Hardware and Open Innovation

We actively solve problems under the banner of open innovation, applying our technical and biomaterials experience to the problems at hand.

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Help us realize a world of new opportunities

Climate change is presenting humanity with our biggest opportunity yet, to learn from our mistakes and our successes so we can advance our civilization to its next level of evolution. Implementing solutions to the climate crisis encourages us to develop more efficient technologies and processes, while prompting us to re-examine how we live within our communities and with our planet.

We invite you to learn more about what we've done, where we're going, and the team we've assembled to get us there.

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