Our mission, vision, and values

We do the work we do so that all of us might have a chance to realize our own future success on a healthy, sustainable planet.
Enabling a better world
We at DeepScience have long recognized the tremendous complexity of our planetary system, of both its socioeconomic and biospheric aspects.

We might be scientists and technologists, and some of us might also be businesspeople. But above all, we are human beings. We share this earth with many others who are less fortunate than us, both of our own species as well as numerous others. Our collective economic activities have caused this sixth global mass extinction event that we are currently in.

It's time for change.

Nothing short of rapid, coordinated, global system change will allow us to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, given the late stage we are now in. Fortunately, many of us want to help turn things around. However, many of us feel powerless to do so, or lack direction or support.

This realization is what actually inspired us to develop Quantum GO.

Improving the human condition
After so many years of working with computers, naturally we've had some time to make a few observations.

For example, we are all born with different hardware. However, over time, that hardware tends to get loaded with different software as a result of the circumstances of our upbringing. We integrate the input around us, from family, friends, news, social media, supervisors, coworkers, and out comes our output, what we say and do each day.

Unlike robots which are pre-programmed with set tasks, we have an incredible ability to advance beyond our original programming. We can review our existing software and evaluate what we choose to keep and what to delete.

We also have the ability to network with others, both within our local communities and now throughout the world, to download new ideas and ways of doing things that improve on what we knew or did before.

We have the ability to upgrade ourselves at any time, once we recognize we alone have the power to do so, and in the direction that we choose.

When we collectively choose to upgrade ourselves, when we change our programming in ways that encourage us to learn, grow, and recognize the need to help others reach our same level of knowledge and capability, that is when human civilization will reach its next level.

Until then, we have to keep the game of Life going, as generations have done before us so that we might have our chance to advance. Climate change is the biggest threat our civilization faces to doing that, but simultaneously it is also our greatest opportunity for building a better world.