Our Team and Our Partners

We have recently expanded our team and will soon add additional details below. Together, our new team has contributed over 30+ years of technology development, 50+ years of education and environmental protection, 100+ scientific papers, and an unwavering commitment toward accelerating our response to climate change.
Dahl Winters
Chief Executive and Technology Officer

Dahl Winters has been a leader in science R&D and technology initiatives with over 15 years of experience in IT and systems development services. She brings a wealth of expertise with strengths in big data, artificial intelligence, and innovation strategies for research and development. Dahl obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University where she received the Reginaldo Howard full-tuition scholarship for academic merit and leadership. She also holds a Master of Science in Ecology from the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill where she was a predoctoral fellow of the National Science Foundation. She is currently completing Ph.D work in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University. Dahl is also an active member of the OpenAir Collective, a community of over 700 volunteers working to advance carbon removal policy and R&D, notably having given rise to the LECCLA and CDRLA bill efforts in multiple states and now at the federal level.

Loren Winters
Chief Financial Officer and Advisor, Physics and Education

Loren M. Winters is a physics and photography educator, the latter concentrating in the field of high-speed photography. He has designed curricula for introductory and AP physics courses with an emphasis on the use of emerging educational technologies. After retiring from full-time teaching at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) in 2010, he developed and taught an online AP Physics course for several years. His work in high-speed photography is directed toward teaching students and teachers how to view and photograph high-speed phenomena using equipment that they build themselves. He started providing kits to teachers at workshops in the late 1980s, and that grew into a web presence at hiviz.com. Dr. Winters has presented many workshops and given invited presentations in physics and photography throughout the United States and in Canada and Mexico. In 2012, he received the Raymond C. Bowman Award from the Society for Imaging Science and Technology for dedication in making high-speed photographic recording available to students.

Jim Berkley
Senior Advisor in Socio-Ecological Systems

For nearly 30 years Jim worked in various roles at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency related to preventing and mitigating negative impacts to the natural and human environments. These areas include water source protection, restoration of watersheds, aquatic resources, policy implementation and building trust among parties through the incorporation and use of independent science and advice for decision making purposes. During that time, he worked with groups and individuals at the federal, state, local and tribal government levels and with NGOs and the general public to solve problems through collaborative decision-making, facilitative convening, conflict resolution and mediation. Jim brings these skills and experience to the realm of climate change impacts at DeepScience. He received his Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering and Geology from University of Missouri, Master of Public Administration in Environmental Law and Policy, Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering and Ph.D. in Water Resources Planning, all at the University of Colorado.

Carly Rose Kazlauskas
Director of Marketing and Outreach

Carly has a background in marketing and administration but found her passion when she became a parent and woke up to the climate crisis that her child’s generation would have to face. Carly has immersed herself in learning about the dangers, understanding the obstacles and has now dedicated herself to supporting the solution in any way that she can. She has a deeply ingrained, insider's understanding of the general public’s instinct towards denial and apathy as well as the sense of urgency, frustration and isolation felt by those who are working to meet these challenges. This experience in both worlds has encouraged her to use all of her skills to communicate the science, the solutions and the hope that will allow the general public to engage from the ground up. Her ability to conceptualize multiple stages and outcomes of the big picture as well as deep dive into working the smallest problem until a solution is found has repeatedly demonstrated her skill as a systems thinker. Through many discussions and brainstorms about DeepScience's GO platform, she has determined that this project has the potential to overcome such a sweeping array of critical obstacles in the fight against the climate crisis, that she has volunteered her time and abilities to see this project through. She brings with her experience in strategy, outreach, branding and event coordination, but mostly, she brings her optimism in believing that every problem has a solution and her fierce determination to protect her child and his generation.

Andy Quezada
Energy and Geoscience Technology Advisor

Andy Quezada is a scientist and engineer with two decades of experience in the energy and technology development industries. He has served as a geophysicist, team leader, and advisor for large independent corporations, startup companies and academic research groups. With a passion for innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies, he has strived for the application of integrative approaches from geophysical, remote sensing and engineering fields to the arising challenges in traditional and renewable energy. His most recent experience serving as a scientist in the renewable energy industry has been focused on climate solutions and streamlining novel applied-science ideas. Additionally, with the upsurge of attention on carbon removal and management, Andy's experience will be vital for tapping into the vast amount of human knowledge and technology developed for the oil and gas industry for the benefit of the new carbon and renewable energy economy. He graduated from the University of Texas with a MSc in geophysics, is active in the geoscience and renewable energy communities, as well as being recently involved in mentoring students at the Colorado School of Mines.

Our Partners

Meet the individuals and organizations actively helping us to make our work possible.
TG Labs

Jack and Angelique Matthews are co-owners of TG Labs, a specialty chemical, R&D, and production laboratory in Centennial, CO. Their amazing team has complemented our efforts since day one.


DeepScience is a proud member of Microsoft's Startups Hub, which has offered support for our Quantum GO platform scheduled for deployment in Q3 2022.


We open-sourced a small-scale carbon removal device in 2020 that has been supported by this outstanding community of over 700 members ever since.