Introducing QGO: Our Quantum Global Optimizer

Our world needs a unified effort to counteract climate change. A quantum-optimized global plan for CO2 drawdown generated by QGO can help identify newly available connections for your business. These will enable you to take advantage of the growth opportunities coming online every day. It won't be perfect, but it's enough to lead the way.

Identify opportunities in record time with quantum computing

In Q3 2022 we plan to launch a platform featuring 39 different climate solutions across at least 450 major global cities. Its name: the Quantum Global Optimizer (QGO). It will provide an optimized schedule of what climate solutions must be applied at what locations so that the necessary CO2 reductions can be achieved prior to a specific deadline. Funders, providers, consumers, and facilitators involved in deploying climate solutions will be able to log in and view their optimized network connections. It's now up to them to establish those connections however they choose.

Private, government, or commercial investors seeking to drive climate impact and grow the climate startups within their portfolios.
Startups and established companies providing climate solutions will get connected to local funders and potential consumers of their services.
Seeking to lower your emissions? Have land for a solar array or a forest or crop field that needs management for biochar production? This platform will help you meet your climate goals.

How QGO Works


Showing Optimal Connections

DeepScience is profoundly committed to innovation in a variety of industries with special focus on climate solutions. We are proud to introduce our most powerful and comprehensive solution to date . DeepScience Quantum Global Optimizer (QGO) is our quantum computing platform linking CO2 drawdown companies to funders and customers. Our goal is to optimize these companies' places in the market at speeds and scales that traditional computing cannot match.