Data Science and Analytics Solutions

We add value to analytics projects in biotech, cleantech, and geospatial, using the tools of big data and artificial intelligence to better understand our world.
Geospatial Big Data for Agricultural Monitoring

We implemented a cloud-based geospatial big data pipeline for a Fortune 500 biotech/agricultural company.

Deep Learning-based Image Analytics

We developed deep learning algorithms for anomaly detection, trained on remotely-sensed imagery from aerial and drone sources.

3D Genome and Proteome Visualization

We developed a fly-through visualization of genome and proteome data, providing a unique way of visualizing the underlying connections between segments of the data.

Molecular Discovery

We developed a deep reinforcement learning system for finding similarly-structured molecules to a particular molecule. We then adapted this system to find molecules with high binding affinities to a particular molecule.

AI-Driven Aerosol Monitoring System

We developed plans for a system that would determine concentrations of particulate matter using input from an ultra-small NIR sensor. The system would use deep learning to compare sensor output with labeled data from an accurate sensor.

AI-Guided Virtual Reality Navigation

We developed plans for a system that would enable users to intelligently navigate a 3D environment to carry out mission objectives using AI-driven VR software. We also built out such a system and used it to navigate a virtual 3D environment.