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CARBON REMOVAL - CO2 Adsorbent Materials

Toward taking up CO2 at community scale. Naturally, safely, and permanently.

Once Quantum GO is online, we would like to add Climate Solution #40 to the platform - our own biochar-based solid sorbent for CO2 removal. This sorbent, named DS6, is presently being refined, will undergo further testing, and may become available for sale on our platform later in 2022.

Download the DS6 Data Sheet

New buildings, new roads, new carbon storage opportunities.

Concrete is the second most used material on earth, surpassed only by water. The total mass of concrete infrastructure throughout the world outweighs the mass of all living things combined. We need to put our captured CO2 somewhere - why not mix it into this huge mass, especially if it can also improve the strength and durability of concrete?

This will be Climate Solution #41, to become available on our Quantum GO platform in Q4 2023.

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